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MrPhilipT Banned on Minecraft.nl


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1. Your ingame name : MrPhilipT

2. Date of your ban 11-07-2012 18:40 (NL time)

3. What game/server are you banned from minecraft.nl / left4green.com

4. Who banned you (only if you know who) There was no name.

5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why) Banned for xray (or similar cheat) abuse .

6. Reason why we should unban you I didnt hack. I will never hack on any minecraft server. Minecraft is less fun if you hack. Please believe me if i say I Will Never Hack On Any Minecraft Server.

Friendly greets, mrphilipt

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Sadly x-ray bans are permanent. If you wish to continue to play on the server you will need a new account.

this ^

Bumping it won't help also by the way as unban topics don't appear in the recent topic feed.

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