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The Furnace Problem

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Hi! Recently I joined this server and found it pretty cool. Then I found out about the Furnace restriction. At first I found it pretty annoying because I couldnt find it, But then I found one at Spawn! :D (I like challenge restrictions like that.)

Unfortunately, I've built my base away from Spawn because of the Jungle Ruins that surround spawn. So I have to traverse back to spawn every time to smelt something.

To make matters even worse, sometimes there are Furnace Campers waiting for players to enter the Warzone to assault them. Thus making the travels and the hassles of finding the ore they acquired null and voided. Or in Online English, a Waste of F*cking time. What I propose is Multiple Furnaces placed around, Letting people have the opportunity to get away from the major Wreckage around spawn. If that seems like too much to ask, then Why not allow /spawn, but with a time restriction to teleport connected. E.G I use /spawn and I have to wait 7 Seconds to Tp to spawn. Hope someone will consider what I've said because it's very irritating and players sometimes spam the chat wanting to know where to find it. Thanks :D


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