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Banned for flymod


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Your ingame name: Rize_

2. Date of your ban: 04/08/2012 a couple minutes before im posting this.

3. What game/server are you banned from: The minecraft server ( Raid server ) im not sure if theres any others.

4. Who banned you (only if you know who) Whimplash

5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why) I know why i was banned. I was using zombee fly mod to help my friend grief this cracked server he had signed in to an op account and couldnt op me or it would show up in the logs so he just threw us tonnes of TnT. I was at Cadenzas base and i was sorta running into the wall i accidently hit my key i had fly bound to and flew straight up i noticed what happened and flew straight back down because they had an open roof i didnt wanna just fly down into there base. So yeah then whimplash said i saw that Rize_ and i said " yeah idk wtf just happened " Then he said well your banned you can contest your ban appeal on the forums so i threw all my gear in the chest before he could unban me ;) Anyways yeah...

6. Reason why we should unban you: Forgot about this part i explain in step 5 lol ;) But yeah i really like this server and ive only played for 2 days its really fun and i have uninstalled my zombeez fly mod. Thanks, bye.

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It was unintentional once i was up there i was suprised and he was gonna push me off so i had to kill him then i just flew back down. I could have just went into where his f home was and just repeatedly killed him seeing as he had an open roof

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Sorry for the late reply i was at my brothers house, Anyway i understand can u tell me how long my ban is though? :L Thanks

Forever (A Long Time!)

Suppose your Massive Amount of "skills" you mentioned to me (jumping around allways accurate hits, Gliding Through walls, Roofs Etc) you mentioned to me was just forcefield, and vclip after all ^^


Oh and Btw me and MLG have had experince of you hacking. Though to the lack of evidence, I dont think This is going to extend your ban.

If Xray bans are permanent? then why the hell shouldnt other hacks wich gives ppl huge advantage be?

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I seriously dont understand how im being labeled as a "hacker" For forgetting to uninstall a damn mod. I say it was unintentional cause i said what you guys wanna hear and now im banned for it. Yeah i flew right back up after cause i was suprised i was able to fly so i said is it gonna hurt anyone if i just fly up and down a building a couple of times? I never used it in PvP well... except for killing that guy but he wouldve pushed me off i had no choice before i flew up the wall i was making cobblestone towers to get on top of his roof i had never known i even could use fly and when i hit it by accident i didnt know what was happening.

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There is no point of bringing up the subject of using it for un/intentional purposes.

You used a hack on our server and got caught, you are therefore permanently banned.

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