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Noobs In the Night


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I love noobs dont you, especially ones who act like they have been here for years. I am cow and i have a story to tell.

Last night i was playing with a few people not many on but about 7, im pretty good at ZS im not talking about serious sam or aiur good but... you get the point. So we were playing on that level where you have those two doors that open and everyone pushes the couches in fromnt of them, the level also has an attic.

so i got a lot of people killed by telling them to run outside and get some kills, they blindly followed me outside i got all the kills and took no damage by that time i had about 8 kills. I later run inside and foind out im last human so i camp at the vent which is the only place zombie can get to me besides the couches. I get 4 more kills.

I get the mp5 navy and rush to the attic awaiting for teh zombehs i start killnig them as they come up one at a time, i get about 22 kills then players start getting mad at me one guy said i was definitly hacking(i dont see how i can hack if i am sitting still shooting at the zombies coming up LOL) so he threatens to call an admin so i asked him what am i doing wrong, he told me your not allowed to be in the attic and camp.

As you can tell my reaction was laughing really hard, so he said im serious either kill yourself or i get an admin, i said do you even know any of the admins names? and he said yeah i know the owner his name is "eliminator13" I laughed so hard again because he was obviously lieing so i told him to bring him in here.

He brought him in here, by this time i get the M4A1 and im killing a bunch of zombies so Eliminator13 tells me to get out of the spot right now or your being banned, im laughing so hard at this point im tearing so he says ok fine im getting an admin.

When he said that i asked i thought you were the owner of the server(lieing) he said no im not and the other guy who accused me in the first place told him this " DUDE!!! your supposed to act like one retard" im laughing pretty hard while they are both calling me a noob and the whole server is telling them to STFU.

after that i get cade kit block the stairs i get stuck in my own barracade and two chems kill me

One sure way you can tell if someones a noob They ask a shit load of questions and they call everyone a noob....all noobs call everyone a noob which i find hilarious.

guys put some noob story's you'd like to share!

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I hate chem noobs.

One thing I really hate is when the newbies kill you (with chem ofcause) then they go like "HAHHA, I got you"

Congrats, you killed a regular player, well done.. noob.

heh, i use chem on the odd occasion because it pisses off the person that ive just killed, its funny to watch really


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Cow, i think when you had 35 kills , all people from the server we're gone (because they were noobs,lol) =) . Also, this happens to me also, whether i get called HAXOR or i get killed by noobs. It happens. Don't panic,lol. Noob now, pro later :P

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I have a kind of story like that.It was on ravenholm:

At beginning,I spawned "in the skies" (I'm not lieing,I could walk as if I were flying,it was a bug)nobody saw me when I said "I'm flying guys",maybe they thought I was a liar.So,I got some kills and then another guy appeared in the skies with me when he spawned.Every humans failed on the ground and me and the other dude were the last humans remaning.Every zombies took fasties and poison headfags to kill us(or I can say only me cause the other was running-in the skies-dunno where).Every noobs said I was a hacker,a glitcher,every thing-er,and they said I must suicide or they call an admin,I did because I'm fair play(and there were a lot of players(~25)), I type !kill and I appeared as a zombie...in the skies AGAIN!The other dude didn't suicide when we ordered him to do it,so with my zombie I tried to charge him but he killed me.So we wait,we wait...and the miracle was here:some poison headfags shot him and he died,he leaved.But after that,some guys continued to think that I know how to glitch,that I'm a hacker...but you must understand that wasn't my fault,I've spawned in air :/

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A weird thing has happened to me, i cant remember what map it was, because it was quite a long time ago, but there was a glitch which has a rare chance of happening, i was 3rd from last person, i got killed by a noob chem, but then what happened was that i instantly spawned again as a human, and then got last human, i got called a hacker quite a few times, and no-one would believe me :(

but cat believed me

so its all good :D

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My story.

I've come to Mr. Green to play. I was Alone. After that there have come 5 noobs and I decided to become a zombie. I killed three of them very easy. I used prop kills for that. 1 of them told that i use hax and other told that i cheat. On next round the thing has repeated and they told that im a noob really hard. Then when i was a zombie they 1 of them pressed y, not u for team speak. And invited other humans to kill me all the time. They said ok. And i was hiding. Suddenly i jumped on one of them and killed him by wheel. He becomed angry.

He as zombie was just following me and hitting me. He thought that he was plying L4D maybe and thought that was given me damage (i lold that time that accidently pressed "." (explode) he told that im noob and others told the same. I got angry and hit that guy. So he maybe cried and left the game. I killed the others and win.

On the next round i decided to be a zombie again and the noobisto comed. I have hurt him and he left the game with 10 hp and comed back with 190 hp. He said: "wtf im a zombie?". I lold. He left the game agan and comed back as zombie. I redeemed with shotgun and they just thought that im a fuckin russian hax0r and left the game.

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lol i find it hilaiour when its like 7:00 here i play with the usual 12 players everytime they go " YAY COWS HERE....oh fuck hes zombie!!!!!! RUN!!!" so i just follow along with it and go "Yep and your going to be the first one to die"...LOL i only go after him. but half of them see me as a hacker and the other half see me as a god/good player.

protip: When someone asks you how did you get so good tell them, that you have played this game in real life and i lived through the zombie survival... i got experience.

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So true damien.

I got 10 kills that way. PROPKILLLL!!! (in 1 round)

Gotta love the people who think just because i havent played for a year. ( new regulars on server dont know me )

Think i suck :P ,WRONG i still can do this lol.

They sometimes discover it the hard way ^.^

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lol i remember recently there was ten people in the server 7 "New People" 3 non new people consisting of Jak From Jaken, Blubzel, and me. We formed a secret alliance no matter if we were zombie, or human. So Jak was last human and Blubzel and i were his "Minions" 7 people tried to kill him when he was at 30 HP.

The 7 people never knew what the Green shop even was, Jak had quick cure and was regenerating every time a fast zombie hit him. They asked why does his health keep gonig back up? Blubzel and i responded with "Hacks" then i told them that he had quick cure. They completely ignored my second comment and followed my first one and called him a hacker noob about.....9999999 times(over estimated :lol: ). They threatened to call and admin and blubzel and i were laughing so hard we decided to follow along with their calling the admin plan.

We said "Fucknig Jak stop haxing you noob or we will get teh admin to ban your hammer! lol" the others were like SOMEONE CALL AN ADMIN!!!.

So i said ok im going to get an admin, "/me walks up to a trash can""/me looks inside""/me says Hello any admins in there?""Ok guys no admins here."

Blubzel was actually trying to get an admin to make the joke even better, but i told him not to cause it would be a bitch to go into the server just to find out you got 7 noobs calling one guy a hacker for buying something in the shop. So we told then noobs about the green shop and quick cure, they still didnt listen and they said "you will be sorry for this i know about 3 people on my friends list you will hack your account and will sell it to other people Good luck douchebag!"

You have no idea how hard i was laughing during this i was tearing out my eyes!!

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