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I Was Banned for Being A Cunt


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My name is karennak, I was banned last night August 8, 2012. I was banned from Minecraft.nl and an op banned, I honestly have no clue who and I was banned for being a "Cunt." I am a huge fan of nl and have loved it since 1 1/2 years ago when i started doing servers. I would like to be unbanned and I guess next time I won't trash talk a faction.

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We do not ban people for silly reasons such as opinions. The only reasons why you could have been banned were either for advertising or for hacking.

I'm pretty sure I banned you but I forgot for what exactly. And unfortunately my fraps recordings have screwed up; not allowing me to view back the reason I banned you.

Consider this your lucky day. I'll unban you in a bit for it to be a 1-day ban for advertisement, and not hacking. (Unless somebody reminds me what you were actually banned for)

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