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[Competition] Zombie Survival - The Gauntlet


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My fellow Zombie-Survival players!

Its time to put your skills to the test in this weekends competition were the best of the best will compete for green-coins and glory! There will be five specifically chosen maps by me in where you must fight for titles in order to receive green-coins. Whether you are a killing machine, a true survivalist or an amazing medic, you have a chance to win yourself some shiny coins.

For more info about the event, contact me or post in this topic.

3 Titles per map:

  • Most Kills
  • Longest Survival Time
  • Most Health Healed

5 Maps:
  • zs_gauntlet_v1
  • zs_buntshot
  • zs_barrelfactory
  • zs_twilight
  • zs_fortress


1 Title = 2000 GC

Total = 30000 GC

Date: Sunday 19th August

Time: 18:00 / GMT + 1 (British Time)

The Gauntlet's Theme Song

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The 5 maps have been posted and to make sure you dont lose any downloading time I suggest you download the maps if you dont have them already http://filesmelt.com...untlet_Maps.zip

I have temporarily redone the crates on buntshot and fortress to make your lifes much more miserable!

Hats off to Necro for adding some optimising updates which greatly increased everyones framerate just in time for the competition!

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