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Mr. Green Gaming

Dr.Richtofen's Zombie Survival Admin Application.

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STEAM NAME: Dr.Richtofen

GAME SERVER: Mr.Green GMod | Zombie Survival

AGE: 14, But i am mature for my age.

COUNTRY OF ORGIN: United States.

SOMETHING LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY YOU THINK YOU ARE FIT TO BE ADMIN: I am currently admin on 2 other ZS servers which are RIOT servers zs and Young Envision Community ZS so i know what its like being admin. ZS is practically all i play on GMod. My play time on the server is 41 hours. I think i am fit for admin because i know the rules and i don't abuse and i know most of the admins so they can help me if i make a mistake.

Thanks for taking your time to read my Admin Application

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