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Searching for a good faction


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Hey guys,

Im xDerpina maybe you already know me but i need a good faction:

I am 13 year old

Im from holland

I play this server for already 2 and a half years so enough experiance

Skills: archer / pvp / Build

Wanna know other things? Tell me

If you have intress reply or pm me

Bye :)

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This is not the right place.

Edit: I guess.

Uhm no?

Mr. Green Gaming > Servers / Games > Minecraft > "Searching for a good faction".

But the topic in discussing is like a bit random.. Huh? Same thing as Mr.Green gaming > Garry's mod > Zombie Survival > ''Searching for a good squad''.

The thing is, it's not a... Nevermind.

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ZomBitch? That's you? What happened to BlackBird? RealisM?... All the old players... They're gooooonnnneeeee D:

You kinda forget Discord/Scourge.

We were even there before BlackBird and RealisM.

Don't forget Corby/Awesomeo, Vegeta is still runnin' around, Whimplash, ..

No I didn't forget you guys; :D but a lot of the older players are in the Janitors faction, or whatever it's called. :3 And ya... I fail hard I thought xDerpina was ZomBitch .-.

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