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Kermin is in need of our HELP!

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[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: its been ahcked

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin is now Offline.

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin is now Online.

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: i see

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: hacks

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: lol

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: SO WHATS UP HOMIE?

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: ???

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: i scam and wot.

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: Don't tell me you got hacked

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: yes

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: man

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: is this ou

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: you talking

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: or the other guy?

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: well its obviously me

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: D:

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: tell me the first rank

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: on brains killed in one round

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: umm no im actually a 1337 scammer

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: who owned this acount

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: gl getting it back

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: tell him that

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: so you say ..

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: this account is yours

[E.U.][Retired] Deluvas: but someone else stole it?

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: lol..

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: i am the scammer.

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin: nvm fuck you bye

[E.U.]Nublin. Kermin is now Offline.

He got disconnected from the ZS server (steam account logged in other place). Then this guy (the guy from the chat) logged into his account :/ .... I don't know if Kermin was joking, but it sure doesn't seem like him ...

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