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Mr. Green Gaming

Admin application for TF2 servers

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Gameserver: Both TF2 servers - playing time around 3-4 hours daily - in game nick is |PREDATOR|

Age: 29

Country of origin: Denmark

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Right. I've been around CS for almost 10 years now, so thats from the actual begining. During this time i've co-founded 2 comnunities, been a member and leader of several clans. been admining b4 Mani was around and now i occasionally set a server up with Mani, scripts etc.

Also i've been admining several servers with different versions of CS, ie 1.6, Source, Gungame, TF and TF2. I currently admin 4 community CS servers.

I dont do clan stuff anymore, but do love being a part of the various communities where i play and help it to evolve.

Without stating the obvious, i got lots of experience, know how and of course a sense of how to make servers gr8 fun for everyone to enjoy.

So why apply here?

Well first of all i was screening steam for good TF2 servers when i came across the MrGreen, gave it a shot and both TF2 servers have been my only hangout for the last couple of months.

However i've noticed the lack of admins on the servers and apperently so has foul players. I've been noticing an increase in hax, exploits etc. for the last couple of weeks, and needless to say that when haxers scour the servers without getting caught they tend to scare people of. So 2day i finally had enough and decided to apply to make a difference and to keep the servers a gr8 place to play.

That about sums it all up for me. I hope the admin team will consider my application, so i migt help keep the servers clean and gr8 for everyone.



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I think you are too busy with the CS servers. I've never seen you around. Making servers better, and just thinking: "Hey, I can do that server" doesn't make you a good admin.

The app is good.

U are absolutely right, thinkin that dosnt make a good admin - and thats not my attitude either :)

My application of admin for the servers are based on an intention of giving the best gaming experience for everyone. -So if i can help out @ Left4Green i would b more than happy to do so.

Im usually on the TF2 servers on a daily basis, main playing hours from 19.00 - 22.00 cet - so if thats ur playing hours u'll certainly c me.

Happy gaming:)

- Pred

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