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GMod 13 strikes again

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Since its gonna be released somewhere at October 24th - I decided to slowly convert zs and darkest days into gm13.

However there is some weird stuff:

Zombie Survival Green Apocalypse 2:

Will you convert it to GM13?

- I hope, so. But right now I have few problems that wont let me do that properly:

  • tmysql3 module is crashing the server (aka the module that is responsible for gc,shop items, ranks and etc). I guess I'll have to wait for new fixed version.
  • tmysql4 is crashing server on queries. Tried to use it and thats some weird bullshit. Does everything except working with existing data cells.
  • Shitload of lua errors/glitches/bullshit. I knew thats gonna happen, but the actual amount turned out to be 4x times than I expected. Oh well.

Will the player stats carry to GM13?

- If sql module will work - then it should.

Current gamemode status: Slowly fixing!

Darkest Days:

That one is much easier to fix, like 70-90% are done already.

I hope that its possible to replace current Darkest Days gm12 server with gm13 one.

Reason is:

  • It can gain more players in gm13 because of proper server browser.
  • It still have to be ported anyway.
  • More potential players once again

Current gamemode status: About 80% fixed

So, what ya think?

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