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My first map! :D I've gone pretty far with it too. I guess. :D Here are some samples:

Upper floor of the farmhouse:


Lower floor of the farmhouse:


But I still got this problem about everything going white... anyone got an answer? Or do I just need more lights? Plus the fire ain't working. :/

I'm still fixing textures around the map, for anyone who wonders. :P

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New screenshots.

New lower floor:


Completely renovated upper floor:


And you can break the floor under the fireplace, so fast zombies can't get up to the top floor that easy. :D

Screenshot from below:


Screenshot from above:


I'll compile the map in HDR after I've completed it. I don't wanna waste space with those env_cubemaps. :S

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Yes, I know, but I'll do it after I've done everything in my map. :) Before compiling of course.

Just to be sure, the cubemaps won't take effect until you type 'buildcubemaps' in console when running the final version of the map. Restart the map after that to see the changes. The .bsp in your maps folder should then contains the cubemap data, so that's the one you need to release :)

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hi, redgord .if you want static props then prop_static and make sure it has the static checked, in the model browser , at info tab . You can make prop_physics static by checking the 'motion disabled' flag .

Yes, I know, but I didn't get it why the static props weren't there from the first place. :S Like, I put a rock, at a place, and it weren't there when I went there. Same thing with different fences and all, but it's fixed now. :)

Map is around 30% finished now. XD

Edit: Map is 3.22 mb right now. And I've barely made everything! The complete map might become 5-7 mb... so prepare for the worst. XD Oh, and don't forget that I'll also compile with HDR. That'll make it even bigger! Well... we'll see how it turns out. This map wen't pretty nice for being one of my first ones. :')

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