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Omegle/Chatroulette Thread


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Alright. Post here all your Omegle/Chatroulettes trolls. Please put it in spoiler tags for maximum effectiveness.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Sex.

Stranger: m

You: oh hai

Stranger: f or m ?

You: f

Stranger: Cool

Stranger: how old ?

You: 19

Stranger: Im 19 too

You: awesome :3

Stranger: You are horny bb ?

You: I was just bored

You: maybe a little bit horney, haha xD

Stranger: haha XD

Stranger: where are you from ?

You: Netherlands :)

Stranger: *----*

You: You? x3

Stranger: Brazil p.p

Stranger: Brazil is a world ass

You: Ok :(

Stranger: whats your name ?

You: Anna

Stranger: My sister tooo xD

You: haha :3

You: what kinds of stuff have you done with your sister? $$

Stranger: Nothing u.u

You: would you want to? haha $

Stranger: eat her pussy ... she is very horny

You: haha

You: you're making me a bit wet too :$

Stranger: that was the intention ;)

You: good job :P

You: do you want a small pic of me?

Stranger: Yees =)

You: one pic won't hurt, right? :3

You: http://bbq.to/avatar_2_960d.jpg

Stranger: You are very beautiful *-*

You: awwww :3

Stranger: what You think about animes ?

You: I dont watch any

Stranger: Good

Stranger: ahuahuah xD

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Everyone I talk to is into incest. :D

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