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Here we are with "Bukkit" 1.4.1!


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This is the unexpected version 1.4.1 of "bukkit"

Download link

Real page


This project was originally designed for EcoCityCraft, much like CraftBukkit++ was designed for HeroCraft.

Alright, first up I would like to state that this is a serious project, and not some mockery (although some may think otherwise due to the name)

I would also like to give my thanks to Afforess and CraftBukkit++ from which most of this project is based on.

When CraftBukkit++ first started it was aimed as being

a fork of CraftBukkit aimed at providing larger servers a fast and efficient alternative to the notoriously slow CraftBukkit, without sacrificing plugin compatibility.

However to the dismay of many this has not always been the case. Throughout its lifetime, CraftBukkit++ has been somewhat experimental, with some builds providing blistering performance, while others simply killing the server.

Many users where unhappy with the slow pace of updates to new CraftBukkit builds, with important things such as dupe fixes taking many days to be applied. Spigot addresses this with its unique auto updating system, which handles most CraftBukkit changes. That's why I offer guaranteed updates, out of my own time, to the latest CraftBukkit.

This is where Spigot comes in. It takes the best and most performance increasing optimisations from CraftBukkit++ and packages them into a minimal alternative CraftBukkit build.

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It does not include all the features of 1.4.2 (From what ive heard)

ill test it on my server now.

Edit: This post is stupid. This build dosen't even include 10% of 1.4.2 items and features. all it does is that it lets 1.4.2 clients join the server and keeps the 1.4.2 textures. whenever a 1.4.2 item is crafted or put in inventory, the client crashes or the items just disappear.

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