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Dear Clavus, ima make this short cause im really fckn tired.

Great that theres no public end! (i hope) i hope you enabled pearls in territory.

but, would you please add some sweet teleporters like in 1.2.5 map? its really a pain to travel forever to get to other bases.

Teleporters or maybe warp points like /spawn would be really nice.

With a giant map it's awful to have to walk really far.

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You sure? Still better than having a public one..

Nope because that was the reason Clavus made a public end.

Overpowered factions that have a monopoly on enderpearls and might be able to cunstruct an endermangrinder which eaquels overpowered items for them 24/7.

Sooo? better loot when we kill them :gun:

Finally there is a public end :DDDDD

Sorry guys >:)

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