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Trying to keep things in some sort of logical structure, don't bump the incorrectly submitted report and stick with this one for your unban procedure.

that was from the last map. i deleted it right after. and i made a video of me on kitpvp.us. trust me im not hacking! and btw. if u look closer with 720 u can see thomasn'sword coming rom the sky....

Indeed, but the decision was made by two of us to ban you ages ago. After foregoing the unanimous decision idea I actioned your ban. Hacking on other server's doesn't matter, needs to be on l4g for it to apply.

Shouldn't upset you too much as I assume xtissetass1234 is your alt. If you're banned on that one it might have been a mistake as I was a little sleepy when banning 'xtissetass'. Let me know if that's the case, but other than that. Ban remains.

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