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Lava/Water/Cobble Moutaining


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Yesterday, I found a large cobble mountain on the side of our base. The player "jeroen070" from faction "TheJoker" Was still adding to it. I started to chase him, but he tp'd home, and logged off. I couldn't record him. We removed the mountain.

Today, I got on and lo and behold, there's a cobble mountain everywhere on the right side of our base. I'm about 110% sure the same person did it. I really don't want to mine it again.

Now, I'm pretty sure cobble mountains are illegal, and I suspect that they're pretty po'ed too, considering they have an even bigger mountain right next to their base.

Could an admin PLEASE do something to remove the thing and perhaps even ban/attempt to catch/watch/etc people who do that in general?



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