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I play on the server for alot of time, i play roughly atleast 5 hours a day on the server, its awesome, fun, well done but theres only one problem, Theres no "Voteban/Votekick" option on it when hackers/campers/glitchers come on the server and will force players to leave the server so i'd love to be admin on the server, i've got admin experiance because my clan's server im admin on and im pretty good at it and i dont abuse it, i only slay/kick/ban when its needed.

So yeah, i'd like to be admin.

Many thanks,


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  • 2 months later...

The title is quite misleading :V

I think it's best for people to call their apps like "Mayco's Admin Application" or something (Replace "Mayco" with your own name, ofcourse :P

). Maybe that way people understand they need to make a thread of their own.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I think its good that you cant "votekick/voteban", people would just try to kick/ban people they hate.

Its not right if some random guy hates you coss' you killed him once, and then he puts onn voteban and asks everyone to vote Yes. Would that be fun for anyone? No.

And the AFK'rs get autokicked after 5 minutes, so thats no problem.

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