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  1. Is the maximum player amount always 6 players in KF2? Is there already some custom maps on the server? Thinking about buying this game, especially now if theres a L4G server.
  2. So yeah, I've been planning to spend a month backpacking around Europe in the summer. I will buy the interrail train pass so all trains are free, so the only flight I will be booking is the one back to Finland. The dates are not sure yet and it depends whether I get a job for the summer or not, and for which month. I will travel mostly alone, but probably meet up with some friends along the way if I manage to travel at the same time. The time period would be 30 days, starting from when I first leave Finland. I'm now planning the route and so far I got this; Stockholm - Oslo - Kleppe(South-West Norway, friend lives there) - Kristiansand >boat to Denmark> Copenhagen - Hamburg? - ?.. Then probably Netherlands - Germany - (Austria/Liechtenstein/Switzerland) - Italy? Im not sure about going to France since I've heard the people are dicks there. Questions: -Does anyone have any experience with backpacking or just travelling without a plan? What went well and what didn't? -Any tips on where I should go? Most of the people here live in Europe so do you have anything cool/worth visiting where you live?
  3. New trailers added to the first post(though everyone must've seen them by now).
  4. BF Premium is 50% off for a week, and Close Quarters is free for one week only, by using the code "BF3E3".
  5. Nobana

    Xbox One

    So, Microsoft's new console, Xbox One, any thoughts? Some facts: -AMD's "Jaguar"(wtf?) design, an 8-core CPU -8GB of RAM -3x USB3.0 port -500GB HDD -802.11n Wi-fi -BR -Kinect & voice control -Skype They made the controller even slightly bigger, in your face Playstation and your baby hand controllers. I might even save my salary so that I can buy it.
  6. I'm curious to see how they created the singleplayer so that you play as 3 different characters.
  7. First DLC named "Drone Strike". http://gaming.fi/kuvat/fgc_113567e79e1061ae741fe2e9e2776a00
  8. They released it too soon imo. I would've preferred them fixing problems with BF3 first, and that the next game would've been Bad Company 3(love the singleplayer and the characters).
  9. This thread will be updated as new info is released. Oh yes, Battlefield 4. A game which some of us have been waiting. Some facts: -Even more detailed destruction of buildings and enviroment("Destruction 4.0") -Possible to use 2 different sights simultaneously -New weapons and vehicles -Takes place at least in Azerbaijan -Commander mode -Spectator mode -Game engine takes wind into account(trees and clothes move) -No pre-rendered scenes or movie-like breaks -Several ways to solve problems, you can execute your own playstyle freely -Main character is "Recker" -Shotguns, carbines and DMR's are universal guns for all classes -Supression has been tweaked and reduced to be less annoying, LMG's and sniper rifles have better supressing effect Campaign: A small "teaser": https://twitter.com/Battlefield/status/313655494411710465 http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/15/ea-invite-hints-at-battlefield-4-reveal Eagerly waiting for the 27th. E: Finally my 2000th post.
  10. Double-post. New video of Destiny from Sony's Playstation Event.
  11. No video footage has been promised, DICE only promised that you will "hear or see" something about BF4 during Assembly Winter. Though I do home that we'll see some in-game footage.
  12. I am sure this will be yet another great game from Bungie and will pre-order it as soon as possible. Cant wait for more info, it already seems awesome! PS. Add some more info about the game to the post, not just a link to Kotaku.
  13. Still playing it. I can honestly recommend it.
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