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Hey guys,

Ive been playing on the ZS server for quite a few years now, (not sure of any specific dates but about a year before pufulet was made admin i think) and recently have had the desire to become an admin. Recently there have not been many admins on when they have been needed and I play very frequently at the moment ( can be checked against account masterlock115 name Ben the Almighty) and have encountered several times when admin powers have been needed, primarily issues with server freezing at the end of games so new rounds are not started and we all are stuck on the voting page.

You can ask other players about me like Pufulet who i have played with for quite a while now and (I am unsure if he is an admin or not) Rieska who is also a very nice player I feel that the server needs more frequently available admins as when i needed a server restart i could not get pufulet to do so as he was not on steam and did not know any other admins.

I have not had any admin warnings, bans or kicks or anything i can think of from the sevrer in the many years I have played and so feel i would makee a good addition to the group of current ZS admins.

Thank you for your time and I hope I can be of any help wether that be as an admin or not.


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