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  1. Honestly expected this a lot sooner. It was a good run while it lasted and we all have our favourite moments but it makes sense to me. It was a major part of my teenage years and i wouldnt have it any other way. I do ask if the zs subforum could be kept and locked as well as archived simply so i can come back in a few years time and reminisce, im sure afew others might like that too. Thanks for the good times guys.....
  2. Ben_almighty

    The future of ZS in general

    i think the code is on a github somewhere but if you want to make a zs ur better off using the new 3.0 stuff jetboom put up an just tweaking it till its a close clone
  3. Ben_almighty

    The future of ZS in general

    So as many of you are aware Nox is gone, and if youve seen the player count of zs servers it seems most players have completely dropped off the mode completely, i know HG is still active but it doesnt even appear in my browser atm. Im curious what those of you who still ghost the forums think is going to happen now all the code is out there and probably the most major server is gone. New types of zs so new players? or do you rekon its reached the end of its lifespan? Personally i like to think we will see alot more variety and new players but i think i know that this is it as all the major reg on nox will prob not return now :/
  4. Ben_almighty

    Has.. Has Nox won?..

    the reason mr green got in decline was partly due to the gmod 13 update screwing the game over and breaking half the modes. i dont recall nox sabotaging the server, we got ddosed afew times but that wasnt related. Itd be hard to make it popular now because peopel expect a few things to be in zs now that wernt, moving through cading etc so you could make somthign popular again but it wouldnt be like the older versions of zs we played
  5. Ben_almighty

    So, um hi im back

    Yea sadly its dead, afew of us still chat, tho i do find myself reminiscing and yearning for the good-ol days. Pretty sure it was dead 9 months ago too though
  6. Ben_almighty


    ultimately zs is kept alive by its community, and when people leave, others who stayed because of those who left leave too. The cycle repeated itself till no one played, i dont think its fair to point a finger since it was really the community who kept it alive, if anything we should be blaming ourselves for not playing it, we could if we wanted to afterall
  7. Ben_almighty


    your words fall upon deaf ears sadly
  8. Ben_almighty

    Hey guys !

    kf2 clone plz
  9. Ben_almighty

    Design Our Header

    that looks alot like the kleiner in my screenshots Duby was here.
  10. Ben_almighty

    Hey guys !

    the previous build is completely shot to shit, very little of it is compatible anymore, esp after the gmod 13 update when most of the well established servers died out (jokerice comes to mind) plus do we forget the server crash that destroyed 80% of player and server data, combined with how messy the remade mode was in the code what with there being fragments of the original mode written over causing the whole thing to bog down completely, hence the total remake if someone could fix the 08 version that would be cool but i think thats a ni-on impossible task
  11. Ben_almighty

    Mr.Green Killing Floor 2

    shrek please
  12. Ben_almighty

    Class Menu/End Menu

    im loving the look, im assuming the class icon will be a different player model for each class?
  13. Ben_almighty

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    I wouldnt say for assists and kills, atm you dont get zombie assists (i think it should make a return imo) as this will simply buff peopel who are more skilled, horde resistance will be implemented which should help, id say not much needs to change about normal zombies currently, theyre retty well balanced and since fagstie and howler unlock pretty early on and are already very strong there would be no need to have a normal z buff, plus you get poison and charred in late game which effectively replaces the normal zombie during that phase that being said the 1 thing i would suggest is allowing flesh nests to be set up in much smaller areas, currently you can only use them in wide open spaces making them useless on half the maps as you cant put them in buildings or alleyways, Id also suggest a decrease on the distance form humans to spawn on Z as it seems the radius is so large atm that its pointless, these both arnt game breaking and arnt the end of the world if they arnt changed (so low priority on the to do list)
  14. Ben_almighty

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    a note about the katana, last time i sued it it seemed like it was broken, couldnt hit anythign at all unless out hitboxes were touching, and a swing had to be on the very center of the zombie
  15. Ben_almighty

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    i just realised actually that we noticed som,e prop killing was weak af, a plastic milk crate did 10 damage when it hit a player in the head, is damage dictated by weight rather than speed or somthing?
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