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Ok, I've been doing some advertising lately and I've seen some servers that I like (surprisingly) and some I don't like (99% of them). One of the two that I liked had some good ideas. First off, as soon as I spawned I received protection 3 armor (diamond) and a sharp 2 fire 2 knock 2 sword, as well as 4 golden apples (made with blocks) and some food. While the protection 3 and sword were nice, I don't know if I would want this for our server. Maybe the kit could be iron enchanted and a plain diamond sword as well as some food. This will give new players a straight up reason to come back, as they already have new stuff. Also, maybe a little spawn building, but nothing much. This server also had auctions, drop parties, and some other stuff. Let's say I wanna sell a sword (anything for that matter), I can do /auction while holding that item in my hand. This will make me money that I can spend on something in the shop that they had. I guess green-coins could do the same thing, but maybe an in game money system wouldn't hurt. At the drop parties they would drop protection 4 armor, and while this seems excessive to me, I'm not one to criticize a popular server. While maybe it doesn't have to be prot 4, we could drop some potions/plain armor/swords/food. This may also be a problem for us as our mods aren't as active, mainly because we don't have that many and the ones we do have are busy with real life as they are a bit older. In addition, the server had factions and all that stuff. It had 75 slots and there were like 35 people on, which was once nothing for us.

The next server I liked was kinda stupid at first, cause you would keep spawning outside in the warzone, where 10 diamond armor guys would crush you. But they had a starter kit too, one that was a bit more reasonable with iron armor/sword and food. But if you got out of spawn you could go make a faction and do stuff.


ALSO!!! IMPORTANT: Get rid of the rule that says you need three members to claim land. Every new player that joins nl can't do anything. But these other servers I was able to claim land by myself. This rule used to be fine when we had the excess of people, but now we have to start catering to other players.

SO: Starter kit, Smaller map (just thought of this, it would center the action instead of having people separated by 5000 blocks or whatever; this is important), Maybe some drop parties (couldn't hurt, but you would have to put /spawn in (Which is good)), small spawn building (I know it's against what we usually do, but what the hey), at spawn put a sign/signs that explain the idea of 'faction wars' cause I'm guessing half of the people that join have no idea what is going on.

MAP RESET SOON: Spawn looks pretty bad, and this is a time when we need to impress other players. Also, try to estimate when the map will come, as people could plan and adjust their schedule.

Do this and I think we will be able to manage without nerfing enchanting/potions and other stuff.

But this will only work if there is advertising, so no point in doing this until we do that.

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