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I am trapped by vortex.

I am stuck in their nether portal and i cant do anything!

I cant type, cant /f home and i need to press alt+F4 to log out...

Jellyfish999111 want that i pay full prot III to him, then he says to let me out.

Plz can an admin tp me to spawn!!! i cant do anything on this server anymore!


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I know how to get out... First download a keybinder and add to some key the command: /f home or /kill when you log in sometimes the lag will not render the nether portal frame so you'll be able to do a command but you have to be faster that's why you need a keybinder :) I used this method many times..

Uhm I don't think so.. You should ask to an admin.

If not, you're screwed ..

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Fail, i'm not. As you can read i just used it for get out from portals.. And it's called Minecraft QuickTyper that now i don't use anymore.. I used that shit 2-3 maps ago.

Then it's still bannable if that is something you're not allowed to use, doesn't matter the occasion ..

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