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What brought you to steam?


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I've asked this at every community I've ever been a part of, what was it that brought you to steam (e.g. did you only get steam for a certain game, or was it because of the digital downloads)

For me I was playing a (pirated version of CS 1.5 at a local school library at the weekends for several years, those 10 man LANs we had were amazing) But 2 years ago this year the place got shut down and funny enough new game store opened up and was selling the Counter-Strike Anthology. So I decided to buy it and found that I needed to download a program called steam to install & play the games. I've be been here ever since...

So, for me it was Counter-Strike and the fact that my only other source of online gaming was shut down.

I could probably give you guys a full lecture on how I specifically got to this community...

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for me it was just that a friend kept mentioning steam and i was just wondering what it exactly was, i didnt like it at the time because of it costing money for games (paying....for games..... :o) and i knew literally no-one.

but when me and my brother got this computer, we got the orange box with it, because we knew how much fun it was on the 360, and thought that sniping would be better with a mouse than a analogue stick, and to install orange box, it asked to login with a steam account, so there, thats how i got into steam


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Pacsteam brought me to Steam. (I was using, in 2006 or 2007, Pacsteam, because i didn't have money to buy Gmod, which i was playing with my friends, before the shitty Steam UserID Ticket was enabled). Now i have original Steam and i own garry's mod, counter strike source and half life. D: . Also, i have found about Pacsteam and brought my friends on it..

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some time around either the end of the last academic year or the beginning of this one, a now ex friend of mine was telling me about gmod, and it sounded interesting, so i asked my soon to be step dad if he knew anythign about it, and he said it needed Half Life 2, which he had, so we installed the game on this computer and steam with it, though this is technically his steam but he hasnt used it in ages (long before i knew him i expect) so its mine now ^^

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i have a lower steam account: STEAM_0:0:7470055. I discovered it, because i wanted to update hl1 and it gave me a link to steam. Later i bought the valve complete pack and years after that the orange box. :D

p.s: i discovered pacsteam half a year later, but it hadn't gotten any advantage above my steam account with the complete pack [only valve and two or three other creators were on steam back then]

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