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Ban request - Shadota

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Hey there.


My name is 'The real freeman' and I've been at the community for some time now. Moments ago I was playing (still playing) on the zombie survival server on Gmod on the map 'lost isle'. The map contains a crane, a place where most of the players venture to for survival. Shadota was fortunate enough to get to the crane first, and him being him decided it would be a good idea to not make a barricade, but instead kill as many players with the containers as possible and then throw the containers away into the water so we couldn't make any for of barricade.



Shadota in the crane



Shadota moving the containers



Shadota moving the containers again after killing like 3 people.



Shadota attempting to kill me after I proposed making a ban request



And again



And again!



He then went on and tried to justify that it's not against the rules to screw up a cade and kill humans with the crane.  




Personally I have no issue with Shadota, but when he's been on playing in the server his attitude towards certain people starts to get really shit and quite frankly disgusts me. 


I think he needs to learn that he can't do whatever he likes, breaking the rules and then thinks he can get away with it.


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Surely a community of this stature would have some rules in place to prevent said issues from happening? Seems rather silly, even when he went out of his way to kill others. It's the same when playing and players purposely block others out. Why bother playing if you're just going to purposely mess the game for everyone?

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