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Somebody don't get banned if they hack!?!


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I just was watching some vids in al the topic and sometimes people dont get banned if they really hack...

They always say " I THINK ITS LAGG" yeah so you can say once or twice that but not everytime.

So maybe we can do something about it.

And there are some people in the server that we ALL know they hack. ( not gonna say names )

So maybe some more admins online?

Thanks for reading -tony

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Wrong forum - this sections only for actual un/ban requests. 


As an admin there are lots of people that I know hack, beyond a doubt. But bans require evidence and until there's solid evidence, it's a little unfair banning someone for eternity.

Yeah i know but sometimes there is prove but they dont get banned because they say LAGG

but what you said was right

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