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The M249 SAW

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After having Comeback for a while and redeeming with the M249 Saw.

I think its a bad gun and that even redeeming with a ak-47 is better then a saw. :mellow:

The reload is TO long, the spread is a little to wide.

I prefer the STEYR over this gun, maybe the mac 10 (okay maybe not). :P

But what is the point to REDEEM with this gun? to have a 100% death chance? :huh:

Does anyone agree with me?

or am i the only one who thinks that the M249 SAW needs a little boost?

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Overpower it? - Maybe it gets too unfair towards the zombies, if you redeem with the saw or get the saw when camping in a tube, tunnel etc.

You need remember, the game needs to challenge you, so if we make everything too overpowered and so on, ppl will thing it's 1. too easy 2. very unfair towards the undead 3. unfair towards humans who wants to advance in order to get a new weapon.

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If you can barricade yourself in small vent or sthelse.. believe me you won't be able to reach the guy with that weapon.

It's just players use that weapon in the wrong way it's not a freestyle weapon. I agree it suck when last human but it's damn too powerful in an hideout.

Edit: Since the auto-reload is off, the M249 is not as good as it was but it's still a very good wep in some situation.

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The M249 is already a force to be reckoned with when used properly, why make it any stronger by reducing spread on it? besides reducing spread is not that good of an idea, the narrower the spread mean less zombies being hit by bullets.

The 100 bullet rounds should be enough as it is to compensate for the downsides

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I'd say adding a Pulse Shock as a secondary weapon attack. Pulse Shock : Does 300 damage to all enemies in a 20 yd radius for 3 seconds, but drains 10 hp from the holder each second. (neah, just joking .. :P). This thread is pointless ... I'd say we try to point out the real issues like : having a redemption spawn protection or adding that E drag feature, that came yesterday on garrysmod.com.

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