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Pumped for Better PvP This Reset


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I pvp with a couple players with gear that would be available with the new map (limited to protection II armor, sharp IV sword, power III bow). I have to say, if that's the godly side of pvp now, it will be so much better now than Protection IV fights.



Thanks to bbgun and Kodauer.


I don't have a good video editing program so please don't hate :P

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Conclusion: Pot spammers and those with a tendency NOT to fall in every water hole in existence will dominate this map.

Nice Video! :)

Using the terrain is part of strategy, and potions are easy for any player to get rather than protection IV, which is definitely an improvement, along with the fact they take skill to use. I'd rather get killed by poison rather than someone in invincible armor any day.

Anyways, thanks. :D

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