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Unban Request: Kikipip12


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Player that needs to get unbanned: Kikipip12

Banned for: Flyhack and Forcefield.

Date of ban: Like 5 - 6 Months ago.

Banned by: Awesomeo_5000 or Clavus.

Reason for unban: I really liked the server and couldn't play it for a while and Im really sorry for the fact that I hacked and want to proof that I wont hack anymore.

Proof for the ban:





PS: If i dont get unbanned it would be a bit strange that this player called xtissetass got unbanned for hacks aswell.




I hope that I will get unbanned.


Bye. Kikipip12

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By this I am requesting the admins to ban xtissetass again because he got unbanned 1 1/2 months ago and at that time he whas just banned for 4 months neither am I, so actually I wanna get unbanned OR xtissetass has to get banned again.



This was uploaded Oct 2012, so it's only been four months. 


Many people are still banned after a lot longer, for a lot less - so ban sticks. 



Depends on what Tisse did, what you did is clearly and extreme form of forcefield.

You're not getting unbanned yet

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