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American Players!!!!!


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Really.. Why are you so mad about that virus? Wow..
What an exceedingly stupid question for you to ask.
Hi admins, is there anyway that you could advertise to an American community as well. I, as well as many others who aren't from Europe, have begun to get bored with the server because of the lack of activity when we are usually on. I was just wondering.Thanks,BB 
Oh yeah, just get on in the morning, the server is full then.
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Well, advertising costs money since we live in a Capitalist society.

Besides asking all your friends and their friends to start to play on this server there isn't that much of an option.

or you could just offer a reasonable reward for voting.

 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So true.

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We're an European gaming community. I don't see the problem really.

I mean, it's great that you want to play from U.S.A. But aren't there plenty servers in your country for your needs (timewise)?

out of every server if seen this is the ONLY server that offers a vanilla style factions pvp. it may be that im just incompitent but out of the many server lists and servers if checked this is the only server that offers faction wars without atleast some big fancy shop with everything.

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