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Unban request: larsn20


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Dear Mr. Greengaming,


I would like my account "larsn20" to be unbanned. The reason for the ban was some kind of x-ray software (or similar).


If it was about getting lots of diamond, here's my explanation:



What I try to do is to get lots of diamond blocks using a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe. After I'm done mining, I return to the base and I take apart all the blocks using a Fortune enchanted pickaxe. That way, I got more diamond than in normal ways. I personally think that that's the cause of the server thinking I was using some kind of x-ray software.


Thank you for reading this and my apologies for any inconvenience which this may have caused.




Additional information as requested in the sticky topic:


1. Your ingame name



2. Date of your ban


4-3-2013 (4 march 2013)

3. What game/server are you banned from



4. Who banned you (only if you know who)



5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why)


X-ray abuse

6. Reason why we should unban you


Can be read above.

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Mathijs, you're missing the point here. He mined for example 2 diamond blocks with silktouch. After that he went home and placed the blocks, then he grapped his fortune pickaxe to mine those 2 blocks again. I think the plugin thought he mined 4 blocks but he really only mined 2. U understand what i am saying?

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I guess the extra information is not of value anymore as the admins have already decided to not unban me.

Mathijs, je antwoord lijkt zich niet te baseren op feiten, enkel op de regels. Dat is jammer en eigenlijk best onprofessioneel.

Sluit het ticket maar.

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Fortune doesn't affect the plug in. I just mined 36 diamond blocks on my alt (with fortune 3, just for replication's sake) and I wasn't banned. I'll check back in the morning in case it's not an instant thing and report back.


And I burned the stack and a half of diamonds/f3 pick after. Before anyone kicks off.

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