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Ban sukel1036. (minecraft xray,flying,other hacks)


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Hello everyone. I spotted xrayer by simply asking to him is he have it... He wanted to join me. I told to him -"ill invite, if only u will get 10 dia". Well, xD, 3 mins after that,he came to my faction with 24 (!!!!) dia!!!! i kicked him, killed, enjoyed his spamm, and now i wanna ban him.





Archive contains screenshoots of that story.






P.S. Guys, how to make thumbnails? Help.

P.S.S. Sorry for mistakes.

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Holyshit, where is admins, what happened to them? Why there are not doing anything about bricanul and sukel?


Holy shit, why don't you learn that you should post proof in the HACKER REPORTING TOPIC

Holy shit, why don't you learn that you need VIDEO EVIDENCE, everyone can and is allowed to be sarcastic

Holy shit, why don't you see that all MrGreen's admins are mature and give a shit about their future, so they study hard (Shock not included)

Aren't waypoints disallowed as they provide an advantage others don't have access to


They do, but sadly they're a feature of rei's minimap, which together with optifine are the only 2 allowed mods

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