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Whens the Map reset Mr Clavus?

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Look, i agree here with Brodieand Ben, I seriously am itching to get on the new map!!! PLEASE CLAVUS, do what you must!!!



Whats going on? 1.5 has been out for a while now, surely there is a craft bukkit, cmon sir, get it sorted! Im sure im not the only one who cannot wait for this pesky server reset :)


Please guys, calm down! Clavus is solving this problem meanwhile, but it mostly depends on bukkit. Without it he can't make a descent update. It's serious you know. Live with what you have at the moment. Paticence is your price, as you know it well.

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Patience my friend, patience! Clavus has his own life too + bukkit is not complitelly fixed.



CALM DOWN KIDS! Go to the bed and sleep! Maybe tomorrow Clavus will do something. PATIENCE!


Mazah if I have to be honest, you're one of the most impatient members on the forums. (+ you're a kid aswell)



Can't keep these words in secret from you anymore either, Mazah. Sorry.

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