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Gm_Outland/Zs_obj_outland introduction.

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Welcome, welcome to Mr. Darkness' Brush trick workshop!

This is my personal forum of my Source mapping stuff, news and perhaps tutorials where you can ask questions.



Hello once again!

Welcome to my forum and today I am talking about my outland map which is holding quite a successful future for it. It's a big project I am working on sometimes when I am bored or just feel like it and simply plan to make some cool stuff with it.


As I introduce my map, I will post a video trailer here which shows the map (1:08 min) and all it's areas.

This project was originally planned for zombie survival objective, but as I was working on it I thought "Why the heck not make it for many gamemodes at the same time?"


The story continues from well-remembered zs_mental_hospital, my first experience with objective maps.


I've been working on it for a very long time, but the final geometry structure was planned and created within 3 weeks! The rest was bug fixes and creation of objectives, entities.


The map is a large open map with many places to enter.


Even though, the video is much older than the latest map itself, it shows how the map really looks like without fog, new additions, detail, etc.




Why did I think of making a map like this?


Good question.

Everything started after my idea of showing how to make thirdperson with your model displayed on your screen. IT ISN'T "THIRDPERSON" COMMAND!

I made a very small area with a small lake and the white bunker or building with antenna. Right now it's in the very middle of the map and claims to be the home  of the map.


I decided to make it larger, make buildings around and surround it with a forest. Then I remembered HL2 EP2 part where you get to the radio station. I don't remember how it looked like, but I used the style of it's creation. So I did my buildings around the map. Gotta say I am more than satisfied.


I made lots of objects around the map, I did it all like I imagined it, like I had it in my mind. This picture that held me this entire time. Now it worked. I made my map. I never was THAT happy for my entire mapping experience.




There are 9 objects in total.

1 - The hill, where you spawn. The crashed helicopter and the beggining of the river that Goes to the Hydro-electric powerplant.

2 - Hydro-electric powerplant, this is the very first objective and the last object I had built on the map. Mostly small for a HE station, but it's how I imagined it.

3 - Electric station which provides electricity for entire area. This was always optional for me. The reason I made this was just because I wanted to fulfill the empty area of the map. It fits in quite well.

4 - The cargo area. It's the area that was the heart of the map. The very middle of it which I talked about, has this bunker with antenna. I only later made it a cargo, added a covering roof thingy that has a cargo canister hanging.

5 - Radio station. That's the first reason why I wanted to make this map larger. I remembered HL2 EP2 and decided to make my own radio station. Again, it's all how I imagined. This area took the most of my time while making the map.

6 - Abandoned building. This was optional, but I thought there should be an office building or of some sort in a facility.

7 - Sawmill. Just optional. It was planned for zombies to spawn at.

8 - Restroom at the entrance of the area, showers, lockers. Where the hell would the workers do their stuff? I added this tiny building for this.

9 - Warehouse. That's the "mistery" of the map. You have to find the key which lies in the radio station and open the entrance door of warehouse with it. The first thing you'll see will be cargos all over the place. The 2nd area of the warehouse is where the real action begins. You find the teleporter there which connects leads you to originally planned White Forest (again, EP2). I put a lot of effort in creating this teleported. There are around 90 outputs and 8 entity brushes for it. 


Right. Pictures. Screenshots. You want that? There you go.


Oh my god... I forgot the description.

Oh well...


Before I describe the screenshots, I gotta say that from Screenshot 1 to 7 these are the screenshots when fog wasn't added yet. It was nesessary to add it to improve FPS.

The rest is new stuff.


1st - The spawn point and the beggining of the river. You can see the crashed heli.

2nd - The same, I just turned back.

3rd - Bunker in the middle of the map.

4th - Hydro-electric.

5th - Warehouse.

6th - Radio station.

7th - Radio station, 1st floor, entrance room (with locked door, showing just a part of the room with storage).

8th - Added fog, you can also see the building to the right. That's the office building.

9th - Office building.

10th - Turned away from radio station, while standing close to it.

11th - Inside the 2nd room of warehouse.

12th - The same.

13th - Eh, you've seen that already.

14th - Hydro-electric, now with fog.

15th - The teleporter is initiated.

16th - ...eeeh, can't see it now, it's too small when I uploaded it.


Leave your opinions below :).

















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D: cool objective map. When u will upload its beta/final version?

The map is being constantly released on Noxiousnet.com where I keep udpating it. I'll probably release the final versions of this map here with all the update screenshots and maybe videos (for each version of the map).


The map file can be found here: http://www.noxiousnet.com/forums/index.php?topic=16622.0 (not to advertise the community or anything, but I just keep updating the map there).


Just check the last page and you'll find the file there.

Use NN zs gamemode to play the map.


The newest version with more bugfixes and fps will be uploaded there soon. Can't guarantee it will be the final version.

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Do the objectives work without the Nox gamemode?

Gm version of the map does. It will be released once I finish the ZS version.

It's pretty much the one you see on the video at the moment. I will then replace all the outputs and attach them to the buttons instead of filters so you can do all the same out of borders of ZS gamemode.

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Seems pretty cool to be played on Noxiousnet/Mr.Green server  :rolleyes:

Yeah I hope that my map will be played at least somewhere. I've put so much effort into it.


Today I fixed the FPS and added more special effects for the teleporter. Now it goes slow motion whenever the teleporter is open. You will have to enter the teleporter to stop the slowmo.

I also fixed the button for the teleporter so you can reactivate it whenever you fail to enter the teleport platform as you press the button.


I may consider posting the newest version of the map now.


Oh god, here we go again with 200mb...


Wait, actually 171 MB. Looks like I optimized it much better :D.


EDIT: Nox ZS map version here http://filesmelt.com/dl/zs_obj_outland7.rar


A few screenshots I've done recently below.





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Before I forgot, I would like to change the topic and show you how the map looked like on it's first three weeks for development.


As I said earlier, the very last building I made was Hydro electric as before it was just a empty lake.


Just wanted to show you guys how it looked like before I started adding color correction and making detail.










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Yeah it was awesome.

It's ready to be released.


Now, where's my Gmod workshopper?


There. Feel free to test (nox zs at the moment): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132708596&searchtext=
























meh, not to advertise or anything, but if you wanna try the map, subscribe to this first: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105462463&searchtext=

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Ready for the next bit of the project?

Here you go. Outland. Full with trees. Darkness. Rain. Lightnings.


Fit for a slender game!


Worked on this due to Necro's new gamemode. The map slender_forest that is currently the map in Necro's gamemode will have a better version slender_outland with more light (no more pain-in-the-ass pitch-black)

And definately smaller, but a lot more places to search for pages!


Download link: http://filesmelt.com/dl/slender_outland.bsp_.bz2


Some screenshots:












Now to test it with my beats and the gamemode itself!

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add more fog, it's to clear for the players.

blinded=hard attack with the encounter with slender. :D

If you mean that sky can be seen then can't doo anything about it.

That's like

"Welcome to source, bitch!"

The only thing that might fix this is adding smokevolumes in the sky. However, I'm afraid that it will damage the FPS.

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