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Admin Application -Procofiev


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Gameserver- play.minecraft.nl

Age- 15

Country of Origin- United States of America- East Coast

Link to Steam Community Profile-http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087747340/  

Minecraft name- Procofiev


Admin Experiences:


 I have been admins on many servers and are used to the similar mods and plugins that they have like World Edit mostly and etc. My friends server taught me many things about these plugins and the similar rules for other servers such as his. I have been on this server for many maps since 1.8 Beta, and seen the people that have been banned, and also why they've been banned, which leads me to how experienced I am right now. I have been on many different factions in the past mostly like Asylum and DiViNE and TEXAS, my present faction right now is TEXAS rounding to about 10 trusted people that listen and respect my rules I give to them. Yes I have been raided by Equalists about 10 times (more if they want :fireworks:) by now but our faction is growing experience from this type of matter. Since I have too be a leader and a protector to them I teach them and show what these might do, or what might happen in the next 10 seconds, etc. Which shows my experience of being a leader/admin to other people.


Experiences, skills, and facts about myself:


 I've had many experiences in the past with many faction servers and even normal servers. I've seen many people get banned from these servers and are asking myself: "How do they know that?", or "Why is HE/SHE banned?!". It made me think and ask questions to those other admins and moderators, and they taught me step by step how they do that or why they were banned. I've seen what plugins they use and seen how to use it. I'm a decent builder in my opinion and also a good organizer with files and factions, etc. I have many new ideas for building spawn and would like to help          

around the server as much as possible also to make this a respected, known server to remember. Facts about myself, well here it is: I live in America 

and trying to learn Dutch, (to help the Dutch players around a bit). I also help the new players around the server, showing them what to do, what a faction is or how to do the commands also which helps them and makes them stay and enjoy the server, while grow experience about the players around the server. I might get a little rough sometimes but only to the players that don't play respectably to the rules. Such as advertising, hacking, spamming, etc. I have been active through the years of playing on this server except for 1.3 (computer motherboard fried). I know also many, and I say MANY people that are on the server and have been on the server in the past and have shown respect to them. I am very humorous to the people around me and try to make them happy and enjoyable on this server, I joke very much and tend to be be carried away but only to known friends on the server, which they don't get mad at me for knowing that I'm just joking. For that reason even many people are still on today and hope more enjoyable for the future to come.


Activity and contact:


Contact is hard for me since I rarely am not on the week days, which is for personal purposes, but I am also trying to give out Skype and Gmail to respected and trusted people that are mature enough to discuss. Also I always am online and check forums constantly now due too the comments I'm receiving from current admins. I also look at the ban appeals and see people's weaknesses for un-banning them when most of them lie. I try too be as active as possible. I'm on, on week days and weekends but only at least for 2 hours or less on week days and on the full day of weekends.I have now a Steam account and go on IRC occasionally to talk to the other people and try to be known also. I am active for most of the part and will try to support as much as possible.


Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you have enough time to read this topic


- Procofiev 



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