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Plugin Suggestion: World Guard


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Every map, the area around spawn is demolished by creeper holes, making an unsightly server for new players. 



The plugin above, world guard, allows you to select an area (via world edit) and set specific rules for that area (ie. No pvp or not, fire spread,, building ability, mob spawning etc). 


If you selected an area around around spawn which disabled mobs this would solve the creeper issue. Newer players could also venture out a little while before getting attacked by mobs, and still being able to build. There's some other applications of this which I'm sure would be useful as well. 


Server probably already has it but I'm not sure :V

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Aren't there portals in the spawn to get away from all the destruction? All I see that protecting a larger area would do is just mean new players can go a a little bit further before being killed and stil see unsightly land scars.

Well, I heard Clavus complaining about creeper holes close to spawn, so I suggested this. Most players don't even know the teleporters are there and instead leave the spawn from the direct exits.

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Claiming warzone gets the kids confused, since they'll try to hit a tree and prolly won't be able to destroy it.

WorldGuard would fix that but then you still have bases which can't be damaged by creepers due worldguard won't let them do damage in that area which is dumb.

If you let creeper explosions on but spawning off, I'm sure the creepers will wonder around and go blow everything up near spawn since there're more players near spawn.

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