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Looking at it your land/power is currently on 40/40. If you ignore the blocks taken by Mysticals It makes it 45/40,

I know you said nobody had lost power in your faction when it happened however that most likely is the cause because Unless you're admin Its impossible to take land from factions with less land than power theres no way to hack around it. Maybe someone left which caused you to lose power.

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I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Cause I play with good friends in that faction and they all said that they hadn't been online for 2 or 3 days. But if there's nothing you can do about it it's fine. Thanks for the help :)

But still, there was no way they could get in. We have a 5 blocks wide lane of lava around our base. A wall with obsidian in it. And around all that another 3 thick wall of stone. I don't think this was done fairly. Can u come online? What is your name in mc

And nothing is damaged or such....

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You can type /f power name to see each of your member's levels to help find who needs to log in and stay alive. Power doesn't regenerate when you're offline, so if someone had already not been at maximum and then you had a period of inactivity, the power decay would put you under the limit.


It's always best to keep well within your power maximum. 2-3 power for each player will mean the entire faction can take a break for a few days and not get into any awkward situations.


People always seem to go for epic bases as well, but now that my friends don't play I've had quite a lot of fun trying to build a functional, protected 1-chunk base. I reckon smaller bases are the future :V

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