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Suggestions: Next Map


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Server's getting a bit dull, with all real player activity ending 1-2 weeks post-map reset. There's simply not much to do- there's a couple noobs messing around at spawn but not much else.

Back in 1.2.5, things were much different. Granted, many players stayed Due to duping, but the setup was much better.

Therefore I suggest the following, since we KNOW it works:

1. No public end. We had it this map and the faction that had the end wasn't overpowered at all. The pearl plugin also allows some flexibility for end access.

2. Enchantment restrictions lifted. They were fun for awhile but its evolved into more potion spamming than pvp. Because of orbrefusactor, people won't have triple/quad grinders to get xP, making p4 and sharp 5 hard to get.

3. Two way teleporters to spawn. Self explanatory, makes for easy access to spawn without /spawn and forces people to come out of their bases.

4. Regular pearls (maybe)

Now I'm just asking for ONE map with these settings as an experiment. If it doesn't work, well who knows then. Hopefully this will rejuvinate people's interest in the server and make it lively again.

I plan to make a faction based on recruiting new players along with Demacia. Obviously this will take a lot of work, which I don't want to go to waste after 1-2 weeks.

I appreciate constructive criticism from anyone that actually plays the game.

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This is great idea but dont use /spawn :) Clavus, please have normal ep, prot4 and sharp5 and reset the map. Now 1-5 players play this server, we need to "let him shine" again! :) do it ;) @clavus

And another thing.. DISABLE OREBFUSCATOR. The chests and some blocks like crafting table are glitched and are just gray so we cant know it is a chest or a crafting table... Please fix :) I know what orebfuscator is.. I don't use X-ray btw.. I don't see diamond ore and stuff. I have no mods, I only see gray chests etc...

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