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Your Terraria creations, art, fights, mines etc.

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Hey, I decided to make this topic and see if someone still plays Terraria sometimes.

So dudes, what have you been doing in Terraria recently?

Made new houses?

Fought some huge hard mode bosses?

Mined 2 stacks of gold all in 1 pile?

Got a Legendary Night's Edge?

Made a dick out of blocks?


Share your screenshots or videos. Perhaps even videos with friends!


Now, since I started this topic, I already have stuff to share with :).


Make sure you post your shite too! Expecting good stuff :)



#1,2 - My house with flickering lights

#3 - Wizard's Tower

#4 - DN-Reznov's nest

#5 - DN-Reznov's recipe farm

#6 - Sky Golden Castle takes a long time to make at least a little (WIP)







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My Terraria day started with "Jackpot!" with finding loads of gold ores, especially the ones in a pile (picture #1).

While I was mining I met Tim (wizard skeleton) and took his fancy wizard hat. So I mined 6 stacks of gold ore and put like 4 of it into the construction of the castle (I also mined gold which I made into golden bricks right after I mined it all before I put all the ore in the chest) (Picture #2)

And finally I finished the castle's geometry (Picture #3-5)


What ya guys think?


EDIT: Most of the rooms are empty. You ppl could come and fill it with your krap :D






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Never played the game but looks nice man! :) Is this basically a 2d version of mc? Or what?

Well, it's being called like that, even though it is not.

It's much more fun in terms for action. Many colors, epic lights and also has wiring just as MC (even tho mc has more variation of wiring).


And yet, there still are a lot of potions. 1 of them replaces "X-Ray" of minecraft.


Really cool game, shame there aren't many various things, thing like Faction wars or smth.

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