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6 Months ago, I started work on a map that pieced together multiple things I had already made in previous unreleased maps combined into one, It created many glitches, headaches, unbalanced gameplay, I tried for weeks to make it all work, and in the end looking back, I feel it's just floating there, Gotten Good feedback on the look, and bad feedback on the feel, So I've moved on, V2 may not come.

THIS..Is Much better than Infected City.. I spent too much time on that map and should have just dropped it, but moving on to this, Im heavily inspired by many theory's dealing with emotions, colors, danger, Im just mapping what appeals to me at this point, and so far the feedback has been great, The Map's name is just a working title right now, and It's about 3 weeks in production, No Release date yet.

Below is a link to a Screenie, It's not finished, but gotta build up hype for the map, Still pictures dont capture the feel since it's meant to be heavily cinematic.


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