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Mr. Darkness' Anti-Hack-n-Shit Admin Application

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Eh, you can skip the Anti-Hack part. It's quite obvious.


So I finally decided to make this app and though that... Sometimes when players like me are uh.. Not asleep? These players can help out a server in most possible ways.


Okay, serious part now.


Gameservers: It was uhh... Oh right. Mr. Green Garry's mod "Darkest Days" and Mr. Green Garry's mod "Stop it, Slender!"


Age: Mature enough. Okay okay, 18 years.


Country of origin: Currently (and hopefully for longer time) Belgium, Brussels. Came from Russia, Moscow.

Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/misharoman

Minecraft name **: Don't play MC much, but MrDarkness117

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


Okay, here we go.

I'm sure that most of you lads know me and if you don't... Well open my Mr. Green page and see "about yourself" text. It's huge but I hope you'll be satisfied as you will have read it.


My name is Mikhail (Don't care how you want to call me, by real name or nickname), and for you guys I am known as Mr. Darkness.

Briefly, I stayed in Mr. Green community for... wow, 5 years already. I've passed through painful periods of losing good old ZS and IW times. What about now? There is Darkest Days! 


I'm regularly active on the server (especially when it's around 10 players) or otherwise just waste my time in Dota 2.

Why do I like and want to be an admin for Darkest Days? BECAUSE THIS GAMEMODE IS AWESOME, it just needs to be full with players 24/7.

Why do I like and want to be an admin for Stop it, Slender? Not just because of the reason above, but the people who like to waste the time of others while being alive + simply the gamemode is in alpha any way, so have to help it somehow.


Can't promise that I won't be strict to new players, but I am for what's right.

I can tell that I know what is right and what isn't and surely can do something about it.


Okay, done with that part.


Now about administration.

I... don't really have ANY admin experience besides a few console commands for "Kickid" and same with ban. But that's it really :V. Silly enough, no rcon commands, no nothing. But yeah I am sure it isn't that hard to learn 2-3 buttons or w/e and what they do to understand how and when to use them.


Okay, so I guess that's it? Can't say it's a novel or anything but I said what was really required.


Oh also.


Exams! I have exams REALLY soon.

I am having my first exam on 27th of may and last on 10th of June so I won't be active by that time. After that feel free to call me to play Darkest Days OR Slender!


Oh and 1 more thing.

Hi, can I be admin?  :overboard: 

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