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Xbox One


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So, Microsoft's new console, Xbox One, any thoughts?


Some facts:

-AMD's "Jaguar"(wtf?) design, an 8-core CPU

-8GB of RAM

-3x USB3.0 port

-500GB HDD

-802.11n Wi-fi


-Kinect & voice control




They made the controller even slightly bigger, in your face Playstation and your baby hand controllers. I might even save my salary so that I can buy it.


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-looks ugly

-smart tvs do all in one better

-skype is a terrible piece of software that i only use out of necessity

- nobody gives a shit about social media integration

-shit company

-still have to pay for online

-need a kinect permanently on

-have to connect to live once a day

- expensive peripherals

- 360 peripherals dont work with new xbox

- no backwards compatibility

- still 10x less powefull than even my current laptop

- 1000x worse then current end line gaming gaming Pc

- not modular

- cant update hardware

- probably costs $500  new

- tv integration for American tv ( THAT I GIVE 0 FUCKS ABOUT AND WONT EVEN GET ANYWAY)

-(must wait and see for game exclusives)

- locking cd content to 1 xbox

- controllers are always shit in comparison to mouse

- ill likely breake 9 times



anything else that ive missed?

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I think? I think of this game console or portable TV? lol, the conference was a disaster, it was easy to overcome the PS4, they do not even taught the console! Well, they started well, learned and taught the console from the beginning, but then they started with multimedia theme, the theme of television, sports ... nothing to do with videogames in short, I was watching the conference and watched the cell phone and said "It's been 30 minutes and have not seen a fucking game", taught the forza, but it was a trailer also, while I watch a HUD on the screen, I can not believe it, after the new graphics engine spoke of "Call Of Duty" as if you were reinventing the industry, omg, that they are talking about what is the "Battlefield 3" but for a while, the 3, no 4, the three that came out some time ago, the new "CoD" goes along the "Crysis of 2007" ...


Well, spoke of the console has 8GB and 8-core CPU, but 3gb and 3-core are dedicated only to "Windows 8", improving the system, and i dont know what other shit, then so developers do not have 8gb for gaming, is very well ok we can play and we can put "Skype" or "TV", but friends, please! is a videogame console!


The conference was ... TV TV TV TV TV ... please! we have netflix! not many see the tv, so let's see if we can open television netflix and choose what we want ...


That's what I think, if you like my review, THUMBS UP lol ..


Excuse me if you do not understand much, do not know much English and I am using Google Translate.

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