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Spam and maps

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It is indeed very annoying if people start spamming sounds. Sometimes when I join the CSS Mr-Green server, and they start spamming sounds, I'll be out of that server in no-time.

You can disable sounds by typing !sounds .

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they start spamming sounds, I'll be out of that server in no-time.

At least it can be disabled by typing !sounds

I have started giving people warnings about the sounds and using sm_sound_ban to the worst offenders.

Very nice

Lol, any kids who are too young to look at porn pictures shouldnt be playing a game, they should be running about in fields and smelling flowers while playing kiss chase with girls and playing with action man

The time is changing lol every parents gives thier kids a computer, psp, ds, tv on thier room. Not a single action man, when they first spell a word on a pc, the action man is gone.

I'm on everyday for a couple of hours at least and we're coming up with a new map list.

I noticed, I just didn

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