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Future of Zombie Survival

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I think I know what direction I want to head with the gamemode: Make it less boring & every play should be a bit different.


In order to accomplish this I want to implement the following changes:

- Remove wave-system and replace it with traditional time-based survival. This survival time is a bit randomized. Should be between 18 and 30 minutes.

- Pick your own moment to buy stuff from the SkillShop: 1 crate per map and it's there from begin to end, and always available. I think you'll wish you have eyes in your back. ;)

- Ammo crates will be combined with a health crate and/or there'll be a new type of crate for health. OR I'll make it more interesting for humans to pick the medic-perks.

- Zombie classes unlock based on the progress of zombies. If the game is (time-wise) halfway and still only 20% of the players is zombie, unlock better classes earlier. I aim at having 50% zombies at 50% of game-time.

- Zombie boss spawns every round, but health depends on how good zombies are doing.

- Less damage to zombies in groups, more when being with 1-2 others players. So you really have 2 options: Either run (and have fun), or be safe in a cade, but do a lot less damage.

- Humans will receive a notice when they're in large groups. Telling that it won't be much use. (or something like that)

- If a zombie doesn't define a class, it'll rotate through all available classes every 3 deaths. (useful for kleiners)


Do you guys like this idea? Any other suggestions?



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That actually sounds like it could work. :o


My Suggestions:


- For humans i think classes are still the way to go, but with more customization in the classes. For example taking commando would give you the option between grenades and mobile supplies. But medpack is locked for commando. Classes give purpose to people. Like it is now you got humans that basicly combine multiple classes making them really hard to kill. Medpack + strong melee makes it hard for zombies. So locking stuff to certain classes would be nice. In this way people still unlock stuff through leveling, people still have a choice, but at the same time they have one predetetermined purpose instead of doing multiple purposes..


- For zombies: Instead of horde resistance there should be more like the opposite. The more zombies there are in a certaIn area, the less damage they do. (Like you formulate with humans)

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I think that those changes are good, but I agree with Damien about the classes. It makes it much easy for Klieners to understand. Maybe you could do it like the Chivalry unlock system where you unlock stuff for that class so you can get all the stuff for the class you want instead of having to level up through all the levels to get what you want. But then for other classes you have nothing.

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Well, I do like the sound of human classes (in the way Damien states it). However, I don't know about levelling. You should somehow be forced to stay active instead of farming for a few weeks and then enjoying the perks. Can't think of any solution for that now, though.


And in that case, the supply crate should also have specific weapons for each class.

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hmmm not bad.

And it also could be returned to the store And it also could be returned to the store for that matter: Horse Health(your HP regeen is 40), Adrenalin(you run normal speed on low HP), Last Stand( You become last human, you earn the M249SaW, Rambo's Your Bitch :-) , Gordon Freeman( You become The Mysterious Freeman. Double Crowbar Damage).

Now all of a sudden that's occurred to me. :cyclop:

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That what ywa suggested would cool with the classes suggestion of damien. And about the supplie box should be random weapons depending on how much zombies there are and health regeneration also depending on how much zombies there are. Actually I agree with everything above me att this point, and old greenshop because we want people to keep donating ofcourse :P

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3.0 base with classes and the ability to barricade and run.


No classes that focus on using guns because everyone should have a fair chance with them.


Artisan - Hammer and nails

Collector - Ammunition

Surgeon - Health

Techie - Turrets, traps and explosives

Thug - Melee


Scaling stats for humans or zombies is dumb. Only horde resistance should be allowed.


Leveling up should be about surviving. Gaining levels should increase discounts and maybe a bonus effect for those class specific items.

Want to be a Techie and use a med kit? Go ahead but you wont get any bonuses or discount for it.


Buying perks with green coins is pay to win. Green coins should be completely aesthetic.

Only reason people want perks is because they were overpowered. Don't even argue with me about that, I don't care. GC perks were dumb.


Points is a friendlier system compared to kills and allows for good use of class bonuses.

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The SWEPS don't work as they were intended to anyways. You are supposed to be in range of the target and left click on them or very near them and still get the hit if you walk slightly away so its in a radius. Kinda like prop killing only not on that same level.

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"Most zombie claws have two chances to hit their target. If you "hit" your target when you click your mouse button then you're guaranteed a hit as long as they remain in range."


That was taken from the official zs notes and it does not apply to green. There is your exact problem with sweps. Add this and I will have no problem with the hit detection of the sweps. By not having this rule being a zombie is automatically horrible for the majority of zs players because you cannot hit a moving target as intended.


There is nothing to debate about this at all. It's solid.

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  • bla
  • bla bla
  • blah
  • ...


TBH, most of these suggestions are kinda...useless.

Why do you even want hammer to have a 33% chance (I guess that's what you meant, since you said something like "1/3 change") to spawn? What if you don't spawn with it? Running around like an idiot isn't exactly what some players would like, or they wouldn't pick the hammer as their tool in the first place.

Fast zombies are OP, we all know that. Granting them to deal damage with their leap would only make them even stronger though, and why do you want them to have a stronger knockback? that's exactly the most annoying part about them in most situations...

Headcrabs are OP aswell, but I think that the best solution would be to make any weapon to instakill them with one shot or hit.

What do you mean by "unlock the turret"? I thought we already had it? If you meant that there shouldn't be any requirements to use it... NO, it must be unlocked by leveling up.

Adding classes: frankly, they've added and removed them for like, 2 or 3 times already, I'm almost sure that, even if they add them, they'll remove them on second thought, using "BALANCE, PLS!" as excuse.

I'm not sure about what you mean by "give a bonus if you are a  member", if it's about getting GC's for clicking the link or something rediculous like that, just discard that idea, you already get enough cash just by playing ZS as it is.

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