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[Azae] Admin Application

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Gameserver: Zombie Survival.

Age: 16 ( 17 in December )

Country of origin: France. ( Yes, we eat frogs :P )

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi !

I'm Azae Celestis, called Azzy by friend, my real name is Matthias.

I'm playing on the server every days since more than 1 years i think. ( I can remember zombie torso & Hiper :D )

I have an huge Admin experience. I had more than 7 servers on lots of game ( 5 in gmod : 2 Zs; 2 sandbox; 1 GMstranded. ) and I'm admin of more than an half European Dark Messiah server.

My English level is quite good, I can talk with everyone without problem.

I'm nice with people, fun is the priority in game. that's why I'll help Mr.Green community against cheaters & glitchers. Help people is very important for me.

I'm known by regular players, that's a good advantage to help the server.


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