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Tazers, Suicide bombs and more!

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While playing Mr.Green Zombie Survival I came up with some nice things which could be added to Zombie survival.

Tazers: When you fire it, it will stun a zombie (depending on what kind they are, such as headcrabs will remain stunned longest while poison zombies will be stunned for the shortest amount of time. Maybe make it so it has like 3 shots or somethin'?

Suicide Bomb: Make it something that only high level players can use so that it isn't over used. Suicide bomb can be an item you can unlock which  will detonate when you die, harming all zombies in that area.

Rage: A perk which upon activation will for a short time increases your attack speed and attack damage with melees but you gain extra damage from zombies.

Scavenger: Gives you a little bit more skill points for every thing you do.

Sticky Bomb: An explosive which you can stick to zombies and detonate when you want.

Nail Gun: Allowed you to nail items from a distance.

Tell me which ones you like and which ones you don't :D

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