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E3 2009.

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With E3 starting this Monday, kicking off with the Microsoft Press Conference, What are your Predictions/Opinions about the Show overall? Who do you think will win the Press Conference Battle Between Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony?

Rumors have been going apeshit over what they will all announce (eg. new Pikmin/Zelda/Mario @ Nintendo, Primarily Motion Controller for the Ps3, New Motion Camera for 360)

Supposedly Valve is going to elaborate further on Half Life 2 ep3 which according to rumors with have all new Ip's packaged in. Also Portal 2 is rumored, but then again Destructoid.com Reported on Left 4 Dead 2 being announced which I seriously doubt.

What are your thoughts on what everyone will announce? and what are your predictions for the biggest announcements that'll hapeen at the show?

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I think Valve will show some stuff from Episode 3. If they won't, it means Episode 3 won't come till 2011.

They might announce a new L4D DLC too.

Hopefully they will show Episode 3, Im confident they will but Valve likes to keep everyone guessing & waiting. Whatever they plan on doing, they've got something planned for E3.

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Highlights of the Microsoft Press Conference -

Halo Reach confirmed

Crackdown 2 shown

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay shown - Dude had a motion sensor on his gun.

Twitter & Facebook support available on Xbox Live

Instant 1080p videos, films etc. Sky Tv also available for U.K users.

Motion camera called project 'Natal' announced. - Full Motion body sensors! quote - "YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER"

Creepy 'Milo' Project. Strange but fascinating.

Next Metal Gear Solid - Rising Confirmed on 360.

Left 4 Dead 2! (seriously shocked)

Thoughts everyone??

I think It was a huge surprise seeing Left 4 Dead 2 so early. I would of thought Valve would be all guns blazing with Episode 3. The motion camera looks interesting but seems a bit buggy at some points, though it is still being developed.

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Main Highlights of the EA and Ubisoft Conferences-

Electronic Arts

* Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic is a triple threat from BioWare. Very impressive stuff.

* Peter Moore showed off lots of Sports stuff included Fight Night Round 4, EA MMA, Madden online franchise options, and NCAA team builder.

* Need for Speed SHIFT shows off some impressive in-cockpit views. They're giving away a BMW at their booth.

* The Saboteur looks like it's coming along nicely with a unique undersaturated style.

* Crysis 2 will be released on the X360, PC and PS3.

* APB is a quasi-MMO with lots of action and morality choices.

* Brutal Legend looks pretty sweet. More gameplay show with part 2 of the Jack Black video shown.

* Littlest Pet Shop shows that EA is heavily focused on attracting a younger audience to their games.

* EA focused on fitness games for the women's market.


* Assassin's Creed II cinematic shown. First game sold 8 million units. Looks great.

* Splinter Cell: Conviction one of Ubi's biggest games this year. Demo footage shown was the same as the MS conference.

* Working with James Cameron on a game based on his film Avatar. It will be a 3D game.

* R.U.S.E tabletop demo shown. Continues to look like a great hardcore strategy game.

* Ubisoft is really pushing their pairing with Hollywood to their shareholders.

* Red Steel 2 will be bundled with the Wii Motion Plus. Controls look better then the first game.

* Rabbids and TMNT are two games being targeted at the younger Wii market.

* Ubi is focusing hard on the "Tween Market". Many games targeting at girls.

* Like EA, Ubi is also focusing on fitness games.

* Working with Pele on a kid friendly soccer game called Academy of Champions.

Best parts were the new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer & Assassins Creed 2. Splinter Cell: Conviction looked sharp too.

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