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Yepa, with new technologies and dem hipsters there're a crap load of mini-pc's which fit perfectly next to your tv and are sometimes cheaper than the standard consoles (ps4 xbox1). Don't get me wrong, mini pc's aren't raspberry pi's or android shitty usb sticks. A mini-pc is just like a full tower but smaller, it wont be capable of running high end games on 60 fps but they're ideal for your everyday livingroom. They're perfect to watch 1080p video's, browse the web, play some indie games and so on. Some lead developpers in mini-pc's are Foconn, ZOTAC, minnix and Shuttle. But which one is the best? And what is your opinion on these mini-pc's? With the dead rumour of a valve box everyone got excited, but with the release of the 999$ piston pc I was disapointed. The max price of a tiny mini-pc should be around 300-400 euro really, there's no reason to go anywhere above that since you should be getting a full tower then or atleast a full grown pc in a tiny tower.


So again, what are your thoughts about the concept of a mini-pc and which one do you think is the best one on the market? The best one doesn't mean the actual best one, it means the best price to performance ratio. Ofc there're a lot more brands that make mini-pc's, but what makes a mini-pc a mini-pc is it's nice design, it has to be small which means no 20*20*20 boxes and ofc it has to be capable of running windows, browsing the web playing some steam indie games etc.

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For this (watch 1080p video's, browse the web, play some indie games and so on) - Mac mini, imho. Best all-in-one with nice user-friendly experience.


Problem is, way over priced mate. They start at more than 500 euro's.

Currently I am thinking about a zotac ID-41-B they are only 175 euro and if you throw some ram and an hdd total around 250 euro you got probably more than what you need,

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