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Why MrGreen Faction Wars is Doomed


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Well, I've officially lost all faith in the Minecraft server ever being revived to it's former glory. Usually upon map resets the server is full for a couple days; I haven't seen it full once since the recent reset. It's barely half occupied.


Quite frankly, I believe the server has passed a point of no return, due to a variety of reasons:


1. As much as I respect Clavus' decisions regarding the server, they simply have driven away many players. How can an admin who doesn't even play on the server decide what's best for it? Sure, Clavus has years of experience under his belt regarding administering servers, but too much has changed for those years of experience to be practical. 


2. The Minecraft community in general has devolved to, a group of young kids. The older Minecrafters simply don't play anymore. I remember giving an 8 year old guy some supplies to get started (later quit).The server environment promotes success as a result of hard work- something the majority of players on the server (children) simply don't have the patience to do. The result? A bunch of noobs sitting in water cubes or running around spawn.


3. The quality of playing has also decreased dramatically. I joined at a time where the server was already declining, and only got a taste of the epic faction wars that once were. I downloaded an old MrGreen Save and I was simply amazed by the scale of some the old bases, like LRG's or Discord's. You don't find that at all now. Everyone sits in water cubes grinding away on enchants, only leaving to spawn kill noobs with nothing. PvP is near impossible without someone spamming 10 damage potions at you. 


For these reasons, I have decided to stop playing MrGreen MC actively. There's simply no point. There's no PvP action, no one to appreciate a base well built and no hope in sight for anything to be fixed. Despite the player counts, MrGreen was always fun. It was so addicting- the atmosphere of competition was intense. Was. 


I'd be happy to see the server a simple survival server, or anything really. Something that reflects the quality gaming MrGreen is known to provide. 



I'm starting to get the feel the admins just don't like the server anymore. If you want to get rid of it, or stop it, please don't leave us hoping for a better future. 





a severely nostalgic MCer 



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Me and my faction have been playing way before pretty much everyone on the server today and I've got to agree with Kod on a number of points. The server is complete shit compared to before. One of the main reasons for this is the introduction of potions and enchants. People are more inclined to sit inside and grind for a good enchant then to actively raid and PvP. Potions eliminate the need for any kind of skill, when the most effective way to PvP is to just fill your inventory with them and spam right click. We remember when pvp'ing was purely based on who was the better player, not who had the most pots and the best enchants. I think that we take an element that Clavus suggested and have a number of pre-prepared factions for players to join and also completely remove potions if possible and remove or limit enchantments, that way it removes the temptation to sit in your base and grind and adds an element of skill back into the game. I'm not gonna blindly hate on Clavus like the majority of 12 year olds on the server, but i think the faction limit and the move to Factions 2.0 wasn't the best of ideas and made it less likely for people to build extravagant bases like before. 

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