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MTA Mix Server jededo Admin Application


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HI folks.

I submit my candidate on Admin position.


Gameserver: MTA Mix
Age: 24
Country of origin: Poland
Link to Steam Community profile *: -
Minecraft name **: -
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


Im play on Mix 2+ years. Im regular player, too many players knows me, now i use only /k command. On server is mass ppl from Poland. I think Polish admin will be good. I don't accept hacks, insults, blocks, campers etc. I'll was admin small MTA Polish server - JRC (4-5 years earlier...). I make more maps, my last maps had funny scripts (drive by script, shooter script, jump script, climbing script, nts script).


Best regards :)

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Good luck! 


Jestem ciekaw czy ten mały tekst napisany po polsku wezmą do translatora. Pewnie tak. Więc... Być albo nie być - o to jest pytanie! Pozdrawiam moją babcie, dziadka, koleżkę jededo, osoblizowanego, jacka i innych. Makaveli jest mi dłużny złotówkę.

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